Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Following this Blog

I've added the Following gadget to the upper left side of the page to make it easier to follow this blog. By clicking on the Follow button you can add this blog to your Google Friend Connect reader list and see if it has been updated recently. If you have a Blogger account this also works with that account. This allows you to go to 1 site to check all the blogs you're following for updates instead of checking each one individually. I hope this is helpful.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Grassinator/DIY Grassmaster

At left is a photo of the new Grassinator just finished today. What is a Grassinator? A DIY version of the Noch Gras-Master that statically charges flocking so that it stands up when glued to the scenery base. The Gras-Master retails for $199. This version required about $45 in materials. Much appreciation goes to the Ztrains folks for the idea and to Jeff Schumaker for his execution and refinement of this idea. Jeff also supplied the ionizer used. The Ztrains web page describing how to build this neat tool is: Jeff gave a clinic on building this at the 2009 Midwest Narrow Gauge meet.
The hole on the side is to access the power switch. The ionizer used had a power switch built in so rather than bypass it, I mounted the board with the switch behind the hole. This one also runs on a 9 volt battery since the ionizer did. This made it cheaper because no jack and power supply were required. I used a butter tub for the grass basket instead of a Tupperware container. The screen was expoxied inside the lid. Hopefully this will hold up to repeated flexing of the lid when loading the static grass. If not the butter tube will be replaced by a Tupperware container. Time will tell.

I hope to apply a test patch of flock tomorrow.

Friday, November 20, 2009

China Module Progress

Here's a shot of one of 2 transition modules that allow the main line on the China module (12" from back drop) to connect to other modules that meet the HOn30 module standard of a main line 6-7/8" from the back drop. The Heki grass mat is coming off and needs to be reglued. The good 3M spray adhesive will be used this time.

Here's the scratch-built China station model that will go on the module. Campbell shingles, Grandt windows and Evergreen styrene clapboard siding was used. Next up to add the Steven's Creek cast metal chimney, paint the roof and build the platform.

The China module at left still has grey Celluclay on the road and next to the team track. Next steps are to paint and texture the road and unloading area next to the team track.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Future HOn30 Product from Mount Blue Model Company

The image here is a HO scale version of Mount Blue's SR&RL O scale box car kit, kit # 17.
This kit is for future release so you won't yet find it on their website:

This will likely be a semi-kit without details. This way it will be less expensive and the builder can add details to their liking. Please e-mail Mount Blue to express interest in this future kit at