Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Linekin Bay Module

Here's a close up of my Linekin Bay module. It has an 11 inch radius loop with the Linekin Bay yard/wharf on the front left corner and the Boothbay Harbor yard/wharf on the rear right corner. It meets the HOn30 module standards.
In the Boothbay Harbor yard is a manual turn table like the one Bob Hayden built using a head phone jack in an old article in Model Railroader. The ball signal can be raised and lower using a toggle switch new to the panel.
The module has 5 cabs/electrical blocks though command control looks like a possibility. The water is Envirotex. Waves will be added soon with a Woodland Scenics product.

Here's another shot of the modules from the right end. The scenery is not 100%. I have more details, grass and dirt to add.
I'll put a small plug in for the Minibunch, a group of narrow gauge modelers in the Midwest. They put on this meet. If you're interested check out www.narrowtracks.com/minibunch for meet schedules and news letters.
I also learned that Funaro & Camerlengo has an HOn30 Davenport shell kit out. I think you have to order it direct. I saw one at this meet but it does not appear to be on the website.

Monday, November 12, 2007

First Photo

At left are 5 of the modules from our group. Mine is the closest one. It is a free-lanced Maine Harbor scene with yards on either side of the harbor. It's been about 5 years in the making and is abut 80% complete.

You can see more pictures of it at my website: